Directorate of Postgraduate Studies

Directorate of Postgraduate Studies of the university was established soon after the up-gradation of the university. Later-on Advanced Studies and Research Board was also constituted to prepare policies and programmes for postgraduate studies.

The Directorate of Postgraduate Studies initially offered M.Phil and PhD programme in various disciplines of Engineering viz Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Systems and Energy & Environment. In 2008 1st batch of Masters in Engineering (Evening Programme) was registered in the discipline of Construction Engineering & Management (Civi Engineering), Power Engineering (Electrical Engineering) & Manufacturing Engineering (Mechanical Engineering).

Now the directorate of postgraduate studies offers ME/MS (evening programme) in the following fields:

a. Master of Engineering

i.    Construction Engineering & Management 
ii.   Civil Engineering 
iii.  Structural Engineering 
iv.   Power Engineering 
v.    Computer Systems Engineering 
vi.   Computer Communication and Networks 
vii.  Manufacturing Engineering 
viii. Industrial Engineering & Management 
ix.   Energy Systems Engineering 
x.    Environmental Engineering 
xi.   Communication Engineering 
xii.  Industrial Automation and control

b. Master of Science

i. Information Technology 
ii. Software Engineering 
iii. MS (Mathematics) 
iv. MS (Computer Science)

University has already awarded one Ph.D and one M.Phil in the field of Structural Engineering (Civil Engineering).

At present 20 Ph.D. candidates are registered in various programs, 03 in the field of Civil Engineering, 03 in Computer Systems Engineering, 06 in Information Technology and 08 in Energy & Environment Engineering. More than 40 candidates are expected to receive Master’s Degree in various disciplines in next Convocation. For further information regarding postgraduate activities and programmes please contact: 

Prof. Dr. Aslam Pervez Memon 

Director, Postgraduate Studies & Research 

Telephone No: 0244-9370377,0244-9370381 Ext: 2683, 2546